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My name is Andreas Hedlund and I am based in Stockholm. With extensive experience in music production and education from Musikmakarna in Örnsköldsvik, along with a background in radio production, I have been involved in music production and voice recording over the years.

As early as 2004, I founded Studio Musikverkstan at Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital, and I continue to operate there to this day. Since 2015, I have been running Tona Sound Production whenever time and opportunity allow, with a studio located at Kungstensgatan 28 in Stockholm.


Wei Wei, Mother Måd, Malin Dillner, Sole Serenade,Joshi, Tainted Black, Penny Gain, Culture Hospital, Adam Tensta, Amy Diamond, Shirley Clamp, Annika Herlitz,Lars Kristerz, Andreas Fransson, Every Million Miles, Four You, Jonas Hedlund, Sannanda, Teater Martin Mutter, Minor ModigaMen, Justin Theater Production,  A Shrine, The Boom Band,  Simon Lingmerth, Andreas Aleman, Västerbottensteatern,  and others.

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