Recording of vocals, guitar, piano, bass and drums as well as cello and wind instruments.

Recording can be done on premises at Sveavägen 112 in Stockholm.

I also have a removable  recording rig and a sound booth (ISOVOX 2) if you want to record a song or instrument in any place. Drum recording can also be done in your room. 

Song recording

The mics used are Neuman Tlm 102 and Shure Sm7b. The preamps most used are  Universal Audio 6176  as well as Summit Audio 2Ba-221 .  Although high end studio gear of course facilitates and actually makes a difference, there is at least as much work involved in editing your vocal tracks. Something that is a bit of a favorite pastime here!
Price per hour: SEK 400 incl. Editing. 

Drum recording

For drum recording, I use microphones from Presonus. For overheads, mainly Akg nt5 microphones are used.
Possibility to record up to 10 channels.
Price per hour: 600 kr


For editing or editing recordings such as songs or drums. 
Contact me for price information.